Saturday, August 11, 2007

Flip flop and you don't stop

August in Barcelona is a different kettle of fish. Most people get away for as long as possible, but if you stick around, and you are 'on holiday' (or unemployed in my case), you can take time to do all the stuff you never normally do. Here are some of the ways I've been entertaining myself in the last couple of days:
Playing 'spot the catalan' (this is a challenge as most locals are away at 'their village')
Playing 'guess the nationality' (not so challenging -Italians: easy to spot cos you can hear them from about 2 kms away, French: cool and unimpressed by Barcelona, Brits: overweight and pink like a chipolata, Americans: fanny packs and stetsons...)
Casual racism
Going to free museums
Lying in bed
Facebook (AKA pointless timewaster and jackpot for stalkers)
Trying to resist wobbling my loose baby tooth
Going for a spin on a bicing bike and getting one whenever I want and there being NO traffic.
Getting a seat in bars .

Staying put is the new going on holiday.


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