Friday, March 09, 2007

whoever dies with the most stuff wins

I think being obsessed with money is a pointless waste of time unless you are about to become homeless. That said, I did find out this week that my flat is going to be sold later in the year, so I will soon be joining the unlucky people in Barcelona trying to find somewhere affordable to live. (I've been hearing lots of horror stories lately, including someone who went to see a flat which had real dog shit on the floor as an added feature to the 400 Euro a room asking price - a bit like some kind of Damien Hirst in your own home). If you do manage to find somewhere that's poo free then there's the rollercoaster ride of psychotic flatmates to deal with. I'm really looking forward to spending half my salary on all that...

As if they knew about my impending financial doom, I also received the annual 'Got a proper job yet?' reminder of my student loan deferment letter. I'm not sure what's more laughable, the increasing mountain of impossible debt (if you convert it to Euros it's much worse, I prefer to think of it in Icelandic Krona), or the lost promise of what they obviously thought I would be achieving salary-wise by now when they lent me it...fooooooools. There's always that rumour that your student debt gets wiped if you reach 45 and still haven't earnt enough - now there's a financial goal I think I can aim for.