Sunday, April 22, 2007

Primavera. Sound.

After the unusual turn of events where British mates were getting in touch to gloat about the unsesasonal 26 degrees that they were enjoying, while Spain was covered under a haze of cloud and rain since before Easter, I think this week Spring finally sprung. Suddenly people are wearing flip flops, horchata shops are open (sweet sweet tiger nuts...), the plazas are filling up and everyone's got a little spring in their step. So, break out the pink Lambrusco, fire up the barbecues, get the Factor 25 at the ready, and let the good times roll....

Monday, April 16, 2007

24 hour Metro Madness

The powers that be in BCN have decided to open the metro all night long on Saturdays, making it easier to go home at a 'sensible' hour when bars shut (i.e. 3 a.m.), instead of wandering the streets providing business to illegal beer sellers (my personal heroes), queueing for the nitbus, or ill-advisedly paying too much to spontaneously go to a club and drink that unnecessary "free" drink (you always pay the next morning...)

This is all good news, although it's just a trial, so use it or lose it. The timing is a little strange though, seeing as the Generalitat keeps shutting down so many late night bars and clubs these days. Maybe soon the only thing to do after 3 a.m. will be to ride the metro up and down until the break of dawn.